Triada Druk is an offset printing house, a family business established by two brothers, Marek and Ryszard Śląski, in 1994. Since the very beginning the company has been operating, and growing, in the printing market, offering services in the most demanding fields: for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic clients. Since its early beginnings, the printing house has worked with large, renowned European manufacturers and has enjoyed a stable position for many years, never sparing time and effort to further improve its products. The company's key advantages:

Our Offer

We print according to ISO 12647-2 standard in the highest quality classes A and B (PSD certification by Fogra, a German graphic technology research association). In order to maintain the highest quality of our products we print on half format Heidelberg machines adapted for printing on specialized products:

  • Heidelberg SM74 (six colors) - CMYK + 2 colors,
  • Heidelberg CD74 (six colors) - CMYK + 2 colors + dispersive varnish.
We also employ cutting edge Heidelberg's Image Control tools that allow us to continually monitor the production process and that guarantee constant, high quality of all our products. We print on paper sheets weighing from 50 to 550 g per sq m, of various texture, such as:

  • label paper,
  • chalk overlay paper,
  • metallized paper,
  • chromolux paper,
  • dry embossed paper,
  • synthetic paper,
  • solid board,
  • self-adhesive paper

Our technologically advanced equipment allows us to apply a wide range of methods to process and enrich the prints. Over a dozen machines by Polar, Heidelberg, Iberica and Stahl are used to process the products. The print can be enriched in various ways to boost our products and show their exceptional workmanship and aesthetics:

  • perforation,
  • dry embossing,
  • folding,
  • folding and gluing,
  • UV coating,
  • dispersion coating,
  • hot stamping - application of gold, silver, etc.

Our seasoned graphic designers can design for you virtually everything. The basis of our work is DTP - computer assisted preparation of print images in digital form and printing plates. The printing plates are made on a cutting edge CTP Kodak ACHIEVE Platesetter. The plate's image is transferred directly from the PC, which guarantees high precision of the image, as well as stability and repeatability of the process of making plates. Moreover, the technology requires no harmful chemical agents and contributes to preserving the natural environment. 

We focus on making specialized and enriched printing products for promoting food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods; our products can also be used for advertising other commodities, like alcoholic beverages, chemical agents, gardening supplies, interior decoration accessories, toys, etc. Thanks to our streamlined production process we can offer short lead times that the design process, printing and shipping to clients.


  • paper,
  • self-adhesive sheets,
  • synthetic paper,
  • die cut (formed),
  • perforated,
  • UV coated, starting from 80 g / sq m,
  • dispersion coated,
  • hot stamped,


  • glued,
  • sewn,
  • concertinaed,
  • from 50 to 150 g/ sq m
  • die cut (formed),
  • perforated.


  • made from solid board up to 550 g / sq m,
  • dry embossed,
  • UV coated,
  • dispersion coated,
  • hot stamped,
  • film coated.










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